The Beaterio was a former convent built in 1530 at the request of Diego Colón and his court to the Spanish monarchs. The Beaterio housed the first Dominican female order in America. Conceived in a paternalistic spirit for "...(the) reclusion of girls, maidens of all ages, Spanish and mestizas who are lost in the land," it allowed for the emergence of independent feminist thought and the birth of eminent intellectuals


During your tour of this historical heritage, you will obtain more details about the Beaterio and the religious figures who promoted its establishment in Santo Domingo. It is important to highlight two significant residents of the Beaterio during their time: Sor Leonor de Ovando and Doña Elvira de Mendoza, the first female poets of the New World.


The history of the Beaterio bears an uppercase "H," in which a humanistic and forward-thinking vision for its time emerges, envisioning a multicultural and egalitarian society. Discover the firm and courageous stance of its founders, confronted with the dark side of colonization. A stance that ideologically contributed to the development of modern Ibero-American society.

World Heritage

Since the declaration as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo in 1990, the Beaterio has been classified as a "building of documentary-historical and architectural value." In 2016, it was officially recognized as the first hotel-museum of the Dominican Republic by the Ministry of Culture

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